jobs in Supermarket,Hypermarket,Hotel

Required for a leading FMCG company (Experience in Supermarket & Hypermarket is a must)- Position jobs in Supermarket & Hypermarket.

1- Store Manager
2- Store Supervisor
3- Store Keeper
4- Receiver
5- Cashier
6- Salesman
7- Marketing Executive
8- Purchaser


Required gender:
The gender required for the job

Nationalities that can apply for these jobs Preferred Arabic Nationality Send

Publication date:
These posts were posted on:15/5/2020

Deadline to apply may be available in detail:20/05/2020

How to apply :
• CV to:


We Need
Waiter :2500AED salary
Waitress :2500AED salary
Delivery boys :2200AED salary
Store keepers :1600AED

• Accommodation
• Transportation
• Medical
• Any nationality

How to Apply:
Interested candidates can contact us on WhatsApp: 00971545360797


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