Jobs in GEMS World Private Schools


GEMS schools are international private schools with several branches in the world, and within these branches there is a branch in the UAE Jobs in GEMS World Private Schools.

Several schools in the UAE fall under the name GEMS. There are many schools affiliated with GEMS Jobs in GEMS World Private Schools. – international school of choueifat

Today we will be posting to you teaching vacancies at GEMS schools.


GEMS World Private Schools are required for teachers of both sexes in the following majors GEMS World Private Schools for 2020-2021.

1) Arabic teacher
2) Islamic studies teacher
3) Science teacher – intermediate
4) Mathematics teacher
5) Commerce teacher
6) Mathematics teacher – Secondary
7) Physics teacher
8) English teacher – secondary
9) Music teacher
10) Physical education teacher
11) Computer science teacher
12) A primary teacher
13) French teacher
14) Humanities teacher
15) History teacher
16) Geography teacher
17) IT teacher
18) Social science teacher
19) Art teacher
20) Supervisor
21) Librarian
22) Reception staff


Contact with GEMS School:
There are several schools and each school has different contact information. You can choose the school through this link and contact it.


How to apply:
For more Details about this jobs and apply by official GEMS Schools website, Click here


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