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The UAE Ministry of Education announces the provision of vacancies in the following specializations for the year 2020-2021 – You must have a visa in  UAEjobs in UAE Ministry of Education.

1) Arabic teacher
2) Business teacher
3) Chemistry teacher
4) Chinese teacher
5) Class Assistant
6) Computer science teacher / design and technology
7) Drama teacher
8) Secondary music teacher
9) Secondary art teacher
10) English teacher
11) Food science and examination teacher (female only)
12) Health Sciences Teacher – Emirati only
13) Mathematics teacher
14) Music coach
15) Physical education teacher
16) Physical and Health Education Teacher – Female only
17) Physics teacher
18) English teacher – primary
19) Specialist skills teacher
20) Teacher of creative design and innovation
21) A special education teacher
22) Biology teacher
23) Kindergarten teacher
24) Dramatic Art Teacher / Theater
25) Speech and language specialist
26) Psychologist
27) Academic and career counselor
28) Child Protection Specialist


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